Frequently asked questions about imcopex office supplies GmbH and the online store:

What are the benefits of registration, and what technical options are available?
As imcopex office supplies, GmbH is a distributor for retailers, wholesalers and resellers, we only offer our complete range of products and services to registered customers (and potential customers).  If you visit our online store when you are not logged in, you will initially only see limited information and your access to our services is restricted.  Once you have registered, and subsequently logged in, many more options will be available to you.  You will receive a dedicated account manager, who will agree to appropriate terms for your order and will explain the self-service options and the benefits of the online store to you.  Among other things:

- Individual price and stock status information as well as real-time advice
- Automatic creation and dispatch of price and stock status lists in CSV format
- Adaptation of export lists for external platforms and marketplaces such as Itscope, cop, etc.
- Compatibility configurator and intelligent search function including filter options
- Free interface configuration for quick and easy order placement via EDI
- An overview of all orders, open items and orders, and shipment tracking
- Configurable user accounts and permissions
- Personalised product and resale recommendations based on your portfolio
- Link and order your own item number lists (via CSV)

And much more!  Just contact imcopex immediately.

Can I only order online and are there other ordering options?
Traditionally, we were a mature, offline business-to-business distributor and we have always focused on personal contact with our customers and suppliers.  This offline business, with our dedicated, multilingual specialist advisors available via phone, fax or chat, continues to be at the centre of the way we do business. Your account manager will be happy to advise you about current products and trends and will negotiate individual terms with you that are fair, balanced and transparent to both parties.
Unfortunately I do not speak German.  Can I contact imcopex in other languages and which account managers will understand me?
As we are a business that operates internationally in the office equipment sector, most of our staff members can speak more than one foreign language, and everyone at imcopex speaks German and English.  In addition, we have native speakers at imcopex who can advise you in the following languages:
German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Polish, Dutch, Turkish, Arabic, Farsi and Greek.

Frequently asked questions about imcopex products and services:

Which products does imcopex distribute via its online store and its offline reseller channels?
imcopex offers you a comprehensive range of all named brands in the office equipment sector, from hardware such as scanners, fax machines or multi-function devices through to copiers and printers as well as projectors and other office hardware.  In addition, your personal account manager will also provide you with the full spectrum of accessories such as consumables, replacement and spare parts and starter/developer units as well as laser, fax and copier toner alongside ink, drums, ribbons and waste toner containers.  As mentioned above, we also carry a complete range of spares.  Your personal account manager will be happy to source any individual spare part for your original office hardware, from OKI printers, Ricoh copiers to UTAX multifunction devices (which you can of course also order from imcopex’s online store or our sales department).

Does imcopex only distribute office supplies or does it supply the hardware as well?
Even though our company name might suggest otherwise, imcopex office supplies GmbH has offered hardware to go with the supplies from the outset.  This means that we will be happy to supply you with office equipment, from Canon copiers and Lexmark fax machines through to Konica-Minolta printers or Epson multifunction systems as well as products from other well-known original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).  You can order any model, from any product range and any genuine brand from us.  If you cannot find the hardware you are looking for in our online store, speak to your imcopex contact directly.

Who will support me if I have any questions or problems with office equipment after I have bought from imcopex?
In the first instance, your personal account manager remains the ideal point of contact to analyse the problem.  Your account manager can act as your interface to experts from IT support, technical support, or purchasing functions.  You will help us (and quite possibly yourself as well) if you search for the right drivers in your device manufacturer’s download centre and provide precise details about your device and identify any damaged parts so that we can find the right spares or replacements.

Can I buy spare parts and wear-and-tear parts for printers and copiers from imcopex?
Of course, we will be happy to supply the desired replacement part from imcopex via our online store or after a phone conversation with our trained account managers.  We also move with the times and aim to provide a complete range of products for you so that you can take care of everything from one central location with a single order.  We are constantly expanding our warehouse facilities in order to ensure that there are more replacement and spare parts in stock for you to buy.  Ideally, it helps if you can provide the original part number when ordering.  In some cases, this is already printed on the part itself, or you can look it up via the device’s manual or on the exploded view diagram.  We also work in conjunction with other specialists to give you a precise idea of your requirements.  In many cases, you can also use the search function in the online store to find the right replacement part using the model, type or series of your device.  If not, please get in touch with us!  Replacement parts generally need to be ordered for each specific customer, a delivery time of several days may be required in specific cases, and as such, orders cannot be cancelled because of the overhead that we incur.  (We may, however, offer goodwill if our suppliers cannot provide a fixed delivery date).
Does imcopex only deal with original equipment or does it also supply compatible products?
As a distributor, imcopex only supplies genuine, OEM goods direct from the manufacturer.  Upon customer request, alternative products and compatible goods such as rebuilt products can also be sourced.  Speak to your imcopex point of contact directly in this respect.
What is meant by compatible, alternative, and rebuilt products?  And what is the difference?
Toners, cartridges and inks, etc. are ‘compatible’ and are labelled as such if they are not produced by the original brand manufacturer i.e., they are produced by alternative manufacturers.  The term therefore covers all non-genuine toners, inks and cartridges that are not produced by the OEM, the original equipment manufacturer, but instead by an alternative manufacturer.  Rebuilt inkjet cartridges and toner cartridges, unlike compatible products, are made from reused (i.e., recycled) cartridges or containers, but the contents are nonetheless different from other products – which means that they are ‘compatible’ as these contents do not come from the original equipment manufacturer.

Frequently asked questions about payment and delivery upon purchase:

What payment options can my business use with imcopex?
As a rule, we negotiate individual payment terms with our customers, including both the method and the deadlines.  In addition, you can always pay for your order in advance by bank transfer or settle an invoice, and the online store supports a range of additional payment methods by agreement. Your first order generally requires prepayment or cash on delivery.

How is my order delivered?
If you order before 3 p.m. (CET) with a delivery destination within Germany, you will typically receive stock items on the next working day.  Should any ordered items currently be unavailable, you can see this for yourself when you log in to the online store and, if for any reason this is not the case, your personal imcopex point of contact will be happy to advise you of the stock status of any item.  Deliveries to other countries can take place as agreed with your account manager on an individual basis.  Items are dispatched directly and without delay from imcopex’s central warehouse in Hamburg and, depending on the size and weight of the consignment, by parcel courier via DPD, UPS, DHL or using an international haulage company by pallet and container as standard.  (Upon request, our customers can specify a preferred dispatch method and identify the best service provider for their own needs by agreement with the imcopex account manager and our logistics team.)

When I order something for my own customers from imcopex, is white-label shipping (such as factory drop shipping to my customer via imcopex) available?
Of course: with imcopex, you can cut down on warehouse space and save costs and effort by using our simple direct-delivery solutions, also known as drop shipping, delivered in neutral packaging and even, if required and as agreed, using your own packaging design.  Your customer then receives the goods with a direct reference to you as the supplier.  In this scenario, imcopex acts as a fulfilment provider/shipper in the background to the order and your customer therefore has no visibility of the services imcopex provides.  Naturally, only you receive the order invoice, and we also offer our customers the option of entering the customer’s e-mail address as an alternative.  The customer then receives a slightly different order confirmation, which shows the list of items and the delivery address but not our prices.
Your imcopex account manager will be happy to advise you if the process and scope of supply is not completely clear already.
More and more customers are using our service, because the advantages are clear to see:

- no logistics or warehouse costs;
- no additional postage and packing charges;
- via drop shipping, there is one less intermediate stage to the delivery, saving time as well as money.

We therefore advise all customers to look into drop shipping and fulfilment in order to remain competitive in the market.  With many years of experience in the sector, imcopex office supplies GmbH will be happy to support you as a reliable partner.

Frequently asked questions about the imcopex office supplies GmbH online store:

Why I cannot see prices and stock status in the online store?
You will be able to see prices and stock statuses in the online store once you have logged in.  If you are not logged in, you can place any desired products into a basket to submit an enquiry to imcopex.  This enquiry will then generally be dealt with and answered by our sales team over the next few working hours.  Please note that prices of products, as well as delivery terms, can vary on a daily basis and can only be discussed with your imcopex point of contact on a case-by-case basis for each individual customer.  This means that visitors to our B2B online store cannot see any binding price details: as mentioned above, this information is restricted to our customers.  Nevertheless, we will be happy to deal with you as a customer in the near future and we therefore request you to register if you are interested in our products.  After registration you can order products from the online store or over the phone with a trained account manager, who will provide you with personal, meaningful support.

Is there a product catalogue or a price list with current stock statuses that I can order or subscribe to?
If you would like a list of our product portfolio with current stock statuses and/or individually generated daily prices, and you are a registered customer, you should get in touch with your personal account manager in the first instance.  If you have existing access to the online store, you have the option to configure, generate, and download your own product catalogue exactly the way you need it.  If you have not registered yet, our professional staff will be happy to provide you with further advice and assistance, including providing you with market prices.

Original toners and inks are too expensive for me.  Where can I find cheaper, compatible printer and toner cartridges in the imcopex online store?
At imcopex, we have specialised in consumables for printers, copiers and multi-function devices for over 30 years, and we distribute solely to specialist retailers and wholesalers who, in view of the high cost and sensitive nature of devices, as well as their guarantee and lifespan, overwhelmingly opt for original, genuine ink and toner.  That means that you can only order products from us if we are familiar with their quality and their manufacturer.  These brands have held their own for years in competitive markets, even though they may cost more than a compatible product.  We advise you to play it safe: your printer, copier, or MFP will thank you for it!

Frequently asked questions about warranties, guarantees and returns?

Whom should I contact in relation to a refund or RMA case for a product supplied by imcopex?
We provide an online form in relation to any possible refunds.  Of course, you can also get in touch with our RMA team personally – they can be located via the Team area of our website.

Can I return empty ink and toner cartridges to imcopex?
Regardless of whether imcopex originally supplied you with these printer or ink cartridges and toner containers, we do not provide recycling facilities, either for OEM products that can be used for rebuilt products or for compatible items, as we do not deal in these items.  Nevertheless, there are some dealers in the market who accept (and sometimes buy) containers for the refill business in order to offer them as an alternative to genuine brand items.  Some of these dealers are our own customers as well, so if required, speak to your imcopex point of contact who will then try to arrange something.

The offer of this website and B2B Webshop is for reseller, retailer and wholesaler only:
All prices & price lists are net and exclude 16% VAT as well as shipping & handling costs


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